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Over the years some life changing things have happened that have really caused me to start thinking about how much I am really “living” life.  As a result, it’s made my dreams get bigger, and my list of aspirations to do everything I possibly can throughout my life grow long! Each day that goes by, my bucket list gets longer and longer and I’ve always intended to write it down.

Of course, it’s taken me some time, but now I’m going to attempt to track down and develop a plan towards seeing it completed! (Although, completeness is probably never attainable, not because I will give up, but because I’ll constantly be dreaming of new things to add!)

A lot of these may sound silly, but are things that I really hope to accomplish.  And of course, it goes without saying, these dreams are only worth being fulfilled if I have the opportunity to do them with the people who mean the most to me, my friends and family.

Here’s my Bucket List:


  1. Visit Every Continent
  2. Visit All the World Wonders
  3. …..Great Wall of China (China)
  4. …..Taj Mahal (India)
  5. …..Petra (Jordan)
  6. …..Christ the Redeeemer (Brazil)
  7. …..Machu Picchu (Peru)
  8. …..Chichen Itza (Mexico)
  9. …..Colosseum (Italy)
  10. …..Great Pyramid of Giza (Egypt)
  11. …..Stonehenge (UK)
  12. See the Northern Lights
  13. See the Great Barrier Reef
  14. Iguassu Falls – Brazil and Argentina
  15. Fjords of Norway
  16. The Eiffel Tower – France
  17. The Terracotta Warriors
  18. Bora Bora
  19. Karnak Temple – Egypt
  20. The Leaning Tower of Pisa
  21. Dubrovnik – Croatia
  22. Visit the Parthenon – Greece
  23. Go to the Louvre – France
  24. Swim in every Ocean
  25. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  26. Throw Dart at a Map and Just Go
  27. Attend a Small Town Festival Outside the US
  28. Walk Across Abbey Road
  29. Attend St. Patties Day in Dublin – Ireland
  30. Hang Glide over Rio de Janeiro
  31. Take an International Trip with my Father
  32. Take an International Trip with my Mother
  33. Visit a Nude Beach…in my birthday suit
  34. Legally Smoke with My Father in Amsterdam

World Festivals

  1. Oktoberfest – Munich, Germany
  2. Carnival – Venice, Italy
  3. Mardi Gras – New Orleans, US
  4. Brazilian Carnival – Rio De Janiero
  5. Loy Krathong – Thailand
  6. Holi Day, India
  7. Burning Man in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada
  8. La Tomatina – Valencia, Spain


  1. Run 3 More Marathons
  2. …..Philadelphia Marathon (Katy and Matt)
  3. …..Great Wall Marathon
  4. ….Athens Classic Marathon
  5. Run a Half Marathon in Under 2 hrs. (10/26/2012)
  6. Take Part in a Triathlon
  7. Run a Warrior Dash
  8. Do the Color Run (7/8/2012 – Philadelphia, PA & 9/15/2012 – Richmond, VA)
  9. Become an Olympic Athlete (800m)
  10. Tough Mudder
  11. Run a 5k around 15’35
  12. Place in my Age Group at a Race (11/24/2012)
  13. Witness an Olympic Event
  14. Run a Race in a Foreign Country
  15. Master a Flip Turn in a Pool
  16. Watch a Competitive Game at Anfield (Liverpool Stadium)
  17. Go to a World Cup
  18. Sit on the Sideline of a Major Game
  19. Storm a Field after a Game
  20. Become Avid Rock Climber
  21. Climb a Mountain
  22. Hike the PA Appalachian Trail
  23. Bike the http://ebent.wordpress.com/2010/06/02/national-geographic-names-best-bike-trails-in-the-world/
  24. Participate in the Tour de France
  25. Do 60 Pull-Ups in a Row


  1. Learn Sign Language
  2. Learn Spanish
  3. Learn Mandarin Chinese
  4. Learn to Fly a Plane
  5. Learn to Whitewater Kayak
  6. Learn to Juggle (August 10, 2012)
  7. Learn How to Ride a Horse
  8. Learn to Hula Hoop (1 Full Minute)
  9. Learn Astronomy
  10. Learn to Dance
  11. …..Samba
  12. …..Salsa
  13. …..Waltz
  14. …..Swing
  15. …..Tango
  16. …..Rhumba
  17. Really LEARN Photography
  18. Learn Coding
  19. Learn to Cook and Appreciate Food
  20. Learn to Ride a Unicycle
  21. Learn to Snowboard
  22. Learn to Throw Knives
  23. Learn to ACTUALLY parkour
  24. Learn to Drive Stick
  25. Learn to Moonwalk


  1. Swim with Sharks
  2. Go on a Safari (Australia/New Zealand)
  3. Go Snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef
  4. Go Firewalking
  5. Go Bunjee Jumping
  6. Fly in a Blimp
  7. Race a Sports Car (110mph)
  8. Go Zorbing
  9. Go on a Caribbean Cruise
  10. Visit the Titanic Wreckage
  11. Experience Weightlessness
  12. Watch a Live Rocket Launch
  13. Break a Guinness World Record
  14. Join a Flash Dance
  15. Take a Canopy Tour (Ziplines)
  16. Jump from a Cliff into Deep Water
  17. Make it On Survivor
  18. Go Paragliding
  19. Go Whitewater Rafting – WV
  20. Go Skydiving
  21. Become a Frequent Volunteer
  22. Swim with Dolphins
  23. Mush a Dog Sled
  24. Ride a Camel in the Sahara
  25. Do a Polar Bear Plunge
  26. Go Caving
  27. Ride ATVs in the Caribbean
  28. Hug a Redwood – CA
  29. Spontaneous Road Trip
  30. Swim at Sunrise
  31. Camp One Night on a Beach
  32. Tour someplace Haunted at Night (Gettysburg)
  33. Go Skinny Dipping

Places to Visit in the USA

  1. See Mount Rushmore
  2. See the Golden Gate Bridge
  3. Go to Waikiki Oahu, Hawaii
  4. Visit Yosemite – California
  5. Visit Yellowstone Park
  6. See the Grand Canyon
  7. Go to Las Vegas with Friends
  8. Visit the Four Corners
  9. Take a Picture with the Bull at Wall Street
  10. Get Drunk from Bourbon, on Bourbon St – New Orleans

Random Things

  1. Build a Guitar/Banjo
  2. Grow a Garden – My Own Vegetables
  3. Own a Classic Car (12/9/2012)
  4. Finish ALL of the Agatha Christie Novels
  5. Quit Biting My Nails
  6. Join the Peace Corps?
  7. Donate Blood
  8. Limit my number of Material Things
  9. Get an Article Published in the Huffington Post
  10. Be an Extra in a Film
  11. Drive a Luxury Sports Car
  12. Become an Established Photographer
  13. Soccer Blog to the Top 100 Technorati
  14. Coach soccer
  15. Finally Establish my Investing Strategy
  16. Get a Tattoo
  17. Milk A Cow
  18. Do a Flip into a Pool Again
  20. Go to a Masquerade
  21. Murder Mystery Dinner
  22. Do a Flip on a Trampoline
  23. Witness a Solar Eclipse
  24. Complete research for my Family Tree
  25. Try Absinthe
  26. See Paul Simon in Concert
  27. Record an Album (10 songs)
  28. Do a Wall Flip
  29. Get my Motorcycle License
  30. Be the Best Man for Someone Important to Me (July 13, 2012 – Bear Creek Resort)
  31. Get a Psychic Reading Done
  32. Help my Father Rebuild His Porsche
  33. Watch the Sunrise at the Beach (August 11, 2012 – Sunset Beach, NC)
  34. Make 2 Remixes with Ableton Live
  35. Play at an Open Mic
  36. Make my Apartment a Blanket Fort
  37. Help People in Another Country (Mission?)
  38. Drink from a Coconut
  39. Shower in a Waterfall
  40. Kiss under Mistletoe (Can’t believe I’ve never done it!)
  41. Throw a Cocktail invention party
  42. Do Something with my Mother that SHE wants to do
  43. Do Something with my Father that HE wants to do
  44. Do Something with my Sister that SHE wants to do
  45. Win EKD back as a friend.
  46. Do something special with Joel
  47. Work through a Cookbook with John
  48. Volunteer at a Zoo
  49. Overexaggerate Wardrobe at Country Club and OWN LIKE A BOSS! (Liz & Cyndee)
  50. Drive through With Cardboard Cars and Suspenders! (Liz & Cyndee)


  1. Find a Job Where I’m Completely Happy
  2. Find a Job where I can interact with people daily
  3. Write an article for The Huffington Post
  4. Write an article for The NY Times
  5. Write an article for Entrepreneur
  6. Make $10 on my blog daily
  7. Find Affiliation for LSN
  8. Earn 600 a month on extra work
  9. Get links on Wired, AP, Smashing and Goal.com
  10. Get a Photograph Published
  11. Reach 100 RSS Subscribers to any blog
  12. Have lunch with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company
  13. Become a Figurehead for my Industry
  14. Meet 10 of my online connections in Person
  15. Read 3 Books on Being a Manager
  16. Make it on a TED Talk
  17. Get my MBA

Showing Kindness

  1. Participate in a Walk for a Good Cause
  2. Participate in a Run for a Good Cause
  3. Pay for Someone Behind me in a Drive Thru
  4. Pay for the person in line behind me.
  5. Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
  6. Leave flowers on someone’s doorstep
  7. Leave $5 where a kid will find it
  8. Make a Shutterfly Photo Album for Grandma
  9. Frame a meaningful picture I’ve taken for my family members.
  10. Write a short poem for each family member.
  11. Compliment 20 Strangers in One Day.
  12. Donate Clothing this Winter.
  13. Work with 5 people to cross something off their bucket lists.
  14. Clean up the Creek or some environmental program.
  15. Buy a homeless person a meal.
  16. Make my parents breakfast in bed.
  17. Write a letter to all of my team at work telling them exactly why they are so important.
  18. Bake something for someone. Just because.


Finally I just want to return the favor and link out to a ton of people who inspired some of the things on this list! THANK YOU!

Amanda Williams | Nicole Antoinette | Cody McKibben | Jon Perry  | Kelly

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