Looking for New Customers? Let your Blog do the Talking

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There’s no escaping the blogging phenomenon – you’re reading an example of it right now. But blogs aren’t just another form of expression for would-be writers; they’re a vital component of online marketing.

Blogs are a great way to share valuable information, raise brand awareness and develop stronger relationships with your audiences. That’s why your marketing efforts would go a lot further if you add a blog to the mix.

Why should I Start a Blog?

Businesses that aren’t blogging find it harder to drive traffic and build a reliable customer base. If you’re one of those companies, here are three key reasons why a blog would turn things around:

Website Traffic:  Blogs lead to more web content, which leads to higher search engine rankings and thus a better chance of being found by potential customers.

A Strong Brand:  As you write about topics related to your business, you start to develop a reputation as an expert in your field. Over time, that reputation starts to spread, and soon people are seeking out your expertise.

Customer Value: People read your blogs for all sorts of reasons: how-to advice, news and updates, product reviews and recommendations, etc. This is a value to them, which reinforces their loyalty to your company.

How do I Run a Successful Blog?

Like any other marketing channel, your blog takes time and effort. You can’t just post a new article every now and then; you have to plan what you write, when, how and for whom. Make it happen in three steps.

Develop a Blog Strategy

If you define the focus of your blog, you’ll know what type of content to add to it. If you’re writing about cookware, are you sharing industry news? Offering buying or cooking advice? Or will you review green cookware and other related products? Knowing what you want to write about makes it easier to write it.

Update it Regularly

The only way to keep your blog relevant is to keep the content fresh. Writing once a month causes readers to drift away to newer content; conversely, daily blogging can dilute the quality and relevance of the blog. Most blogs update their entries at least once a week to ensure readers constantly stay engaged and learn something new.

Make it Relevant

Readers come to your blog to learn something, so make sure they do. Stay focused on your blog’s perspective, since that’s what readers are looking for. Keep the topics relevant, and add keywords throughout each entry to attract new readers. Allow readers to offer feedback that might prompt new ideas for future blog entries.

Write your Way to Marketing Success!

Blogs are a great way to connect your business to your target audiences. If you want to find more customers and build greater loyalty, get your blog up and running.

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Shane Jones is a Senior Social Outreach Specialist with management roots in online PR. A strong proponent for the power of personal, "humanized," digital collaboration, Shane shares his opinions and knowledge on Social Outreach and Digital Marketing. Additionally he blogs about his life's adventures, as he continues to "Empty his Bucket." He's always on the lookout for more bucket list ideas. Follow me on Twitter @ShaneJones15, Google +, and LinkedIn.