• SumoMe

Welcome to my personal website. My goal is to share my opinions, experiences, and adventures in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world. I am obsessed with my industry and how I manage to learn something new everyday.  Specifically, my aim is to provide guidance in outreach and online networking, and how they can help any SEO campaign, in link building and in online branding.

My devotions to marketing may be the strongest represented ideals throughout this site, but I also want to enjoy myself too! You may see some other information on the things that inspire me!

Currently I work as an Outreach Supervisor at WebpageFX in Carlisle, PA. Although I am only in my second year of the industry after graduating from West Chester University with a Bachelors in both Marketing and Finance, I have worked hard to gain all the industry knowledge comparable to someone in this career field for much longer. My passion surrounds marketing, advertising and building a brand.

In my free time my dreams surround travel. I want to see everything, and do everything. I’m a marathon runner and a kayaker, photographer and musician and strive to take in all the beauty that nature offers.  Oh and also, I am OBSESSED with soccer and run my own Soccer News site, Local Soccer News.  And I’m particularly obsessed with Liverpool FC and AC Milan. So those are the sections to keep an eye on!