Learn How to Juggle – Learning Bucket List #6

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Learning how to juggle is something I’ve always wanted to know how to do, always been jealous of others for, and all this time, I kept that frustration internal for no reason.  Want to know how long it took me to finish this item on my bucket list?  A whopping 15 minutes!!

Here’s the breakdown:

5 Mins of watching a Youtube video on how.

7 Mins of trying really hard.

3 Mins of Taking the video!

MASTERED. Feels good. Here’s proof! Too bad I dropped it at the end.

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Shane Jones is a Senior Social Outreach Specialist with management roots in online PR. A strong proponent for the power of personal, "humanized," digital collaboration, Shane shares his opinions and knowledge on Social Outreach and Digital Marketing. Additionally he blogs about his life's adventures, as he continues to "Empty his Bucket." He's always on the lookout for more bucket list ideas. Follow me on Twitter @ShaneJones15, Google +, and LinkedIn.